Memories are used to shape the player's adventure by restoring lost locales. When a Memory is lost, a part of the world vanishes into white. Its inhabitants know this phenomena as Lost. Obaro was the first being who came back into existence when Kanata gained his power of Memory.

Glowing blue words will sometimes be displayed when talking to people or investigating books or glow spots. Hold down the square button to collect.

In addition to be acquired from talking to people or glow spots, monster encountered will also sometimes have memories. Defeating monsters will allow the player to acquire new memories.

Press the X button near glowing objects to use the necessary memories and restore the object from its lost state.

Types Edit

Name Dropped By
13th Moon Spikoon
Abyss Baloompa, Wuminsyn, Vorg Rebel, Primeval Monster
Air Muffy, Mega Windeen, Primeval Monster, Nightmare Reality
Ambition Spikoon
Artisan Chaplin, Alpsy
Ascetic Pengy, Sandy, Chocolly
Billow Sherbetty, Mega Sherbetty, Wuminsyn, Vorg Soldier
Blaze ???, Mega Muffy, ???, Cave Shroomback
Bolt Mega Chocolly, ???, Gasmingo, Gasbattros
Border Sherbetty
Breezy Muffy
Cave Hoppy
Chrono Bobb, Primeval Monster, Nightmare Reality
Circuit Muffy, Crodoua
Cliff Grancho
Collapse Sandy
Control White Flapper, Alpsy
Critical Earth Guardian
Dark Jaboo
Dawn Mountain Shroomback
Deceit Baloompa, Gasduck
Defense Pengy
Devoted Sandy
Disastrous Black Flapper
Durable White Flapper
Dusk Empy, Gray Phantom
Earth Mory, Grancho, Mega Grancho, Primeval Monster
Electronic Dinotaurus
Eon Cave Shroomback
Erosion Morsyn
Expertise Gasbattros
Faith ???, Bobboulder
False Gasduck
Fire Windeen, Frausyn, Primeval Monster, Nightmare Reality
Flotsam Midoua
Founder Morsyn
Full Moon Aqua Guardian
Gale Midoua
Gate Buplin
Ghost Hookee
Gift Baloompa
Glorious Windeen
Glow Earth Guardian
Grudge Skull Guardian
Hades Hell Phantom, ???, Nightmare Reality
Half Moon Bobboulder
Halt Sandy, Waloompa, Chocolly
Heartless ???
Heat Skullian
Hill Midoua
Hope Hell Phantom
Horizon  ???, Midoua, Aqua Guardian
Hull Midoua
Hush Crodoua
Illusion Waloompa
Infinite Windeen
Inn Gasduck
Iron Mass-Produced, Alpsy
Jet-Black Gasmingo
Judgement Frausyn
Justice Black Flapper
King Bobb
Knowledge Empy, Mountain Shroomback
Loving White Flapper
Loyalty Spikoon
Masterful Hoppy
Mature Skullian, Waste Toad
Maze Bobb
Meadow Skullian
Mechanical Karesyn
Mine Sandy
Mineral Bobboulder
Mirror Vorg Rebel, Gray Phantom
Mist Gasduck
Moss Frausyn
Mountain Vrodoua
Mud Gasduck
New Moon Gray Phantom, Primeval Monster
Night Black Flapper
Oblivion Gray Phantom
Oceanic Grancho
Oracle Rainbow Flapper, Gasbattros
Ore Sandy, Skullian, Grancho, Frausyn
Paranoia Hell Phantom
Passion Chaplin, Guardian
Path Mass-Produced
Phantom Midoua
Plateau Hoppy
Profound Hookee, Vorg Giant
Progressive Earth Guardian
Promise Empy, Mountain Shroomback
Propelled Bobbrock
Prosperous Karesyn
Protection Hoppy
Providence Windeen
Purge Skullian, Waste Toad
Rampart Mory
Reactor Black Flapper
Refined Mountain Shroomback
Reflection Baloompa
Requital Skullian
Restoration Skullian, Waste Toad
Rock Face Bobbrock
Ruins Chaplin
Sand Buplin
Scenery Grancho
Seaside Pengy, Waloompa
Sediment Mountain Shroomback, Vorg Rebel
Sense Crodoua
Sickle Moon Hookee
Sky Gray Phantom, Nightmare Reality
Spring Bobbrock
Stairs Buplin
Steel Bobb
Stone Sandy, Bobbrock
Storm ???, Mega Windeen, ???, Vorg Warrior
Stream Windeen
Sublimation White Flapper
Swamp Sherbetty
Technical Dinotaurus
Terra Mory, ???, Mega Grancho, Vorg Giant
Thunder Midoua, Crodoua, Chocolly, Mega Chocolly
Tidal Jaboo
Time Armonite, Karesyn, Bobb, ???
Tough Mass-Produced
Tree Morsyn, Alpsy
Truth Mountain Shroomback
Unrequited Dinotaurus
Vanity Rainbow Flapper, Dinotaurus
Verdant Mory
Void Armonite, Nightmare Reality
Warrior Bobb
Water Sherbetty, Mega Sherbetty, Wuminsyn, Primeval Monster
Welkin Galoompa, Grey Phantom, Gal'Bor, Nightmare Reality
Willing Bobbrock
Wisdom Empy, Mountain Shroomback
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