Beow are common terms and abbreviations used in LOST SPHEAR. Terms that have their own pages will be linked.

  • Artifacts
  • ATB: Active Time Battle. Battle occurs in real time, during which a character's ATB charge increases. When full, indicated by their portrait's background filling up, an action may be taken. After selecting which action to take, the player may move the character freely before confirming the action with the X button.
  • CT: Some skills have a set Cooldown Time. When a skill with a set CT is used, it will not be able to be used again until CT changes to 0. CT decreases by 1 each turn.
  • Encounter
  • Glow spot
  • MC: Momentum Charge. Each character's Momentum, seen around their portrait, increases during combat. When a character's Momentum reaches 100% they will earn a Momentum Charge.
  • Memory
  • Momentum Kill: if a player defeats a monster when Momentum Mode is triggered, it grants a Momentum Kill bonus, which increases the item drop rate
  • Momentum Mode: With at least one MC, indicated by a blue circle, a blue flash will be seen during a character's attack. Press the square button at that moment to activate Momentum Mode.
  • Rare monster: on rare occasions, a glowing monster worth extra XP or money will appear. They will try to run away.
  • Save point: found in towns, villages, in front of inns, and in dungeons. Press the X button near glowing blue save points to save progress.
  • VP: VP is consumed whenever vulcosuit features are used. In dungeons, VP is consumed when vulcosuit functions are used. In battle, VP is consumed when Paradigm Drives or skills are used.
  • Vulcosuit
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