The Artifacts system (i.e. "artefacts") allows players to utilize restored Memories to customize their user-interface, obtain player bonuses, as well as advance the story.

On the world map, players will find lost points that are the key to lost restoration. Use memories at lost points to create ruin-types known as artifacts. Artifacts can be created at the same point any number of times. Artifacts function to change the rules of battle or influence the course of adventures.

Name Description Range Req. Memories
Harvest Discover more items when investigating glow spots. Local Rampart (1)
Stairs (2)
Thunder (4)
Loving (5)
Yggdrasil Greatly increases physical attack at the cost of greatly decreased magical attack. Local Rampart (1)
Tough (2)
Fire (5)
Circuit (1)
Mystic Eye Set to see minimaps on the World Map. World Ruins (1)
Earth (1)
Tree (1)
Magic Eye Shows the enemy's HP and ATB Charge during battle. World Ruins (2)
Artisan (1)
Fire (2)
Soul Walk The more distance traveled in a turn, the greater the increase of Momentum Charge. Create multiples to boost effect. World Ruins (2)
Stream (2)
Tree (3)
Zone Gate Increases critical hit rate when activating Momentum Mode. Create multiples to boost effect. World Ruins (2)
Stream (2)
Earth (3)
Lost Arc Increases attack power when landing a critical hit. Create multiples to boost effect. World Erosion (1)
Gate (2)
Water (5)
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